Daily Wine News: American Sparklers

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Eric Asimov and the New York Times wine panel taste 20 bottles of American sparkling wine made from the Champagne grapes. Included in the lineup are 10 sparklers from New York!

Abe Schoener lectures on philosophy and wine.

Yesterday, The Drinks Business published an article titled “Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Wine: 50-41.”Janice Cable thinks it was a spectacular failure. And she’s right.

Some heartbreaking (and head-scratching) news from Bordeaux: Chateau de Bellevue, “one of the most eye-catching sights in Yvrac,” was “accidentally” bulldozed by a Polish construction firm. (H/T: Dr. Vino.)

“When all else fails, just remember the names of a few great importers.” Mary Cressler is reminded of this important adage after enjoying two excellent wines in Kermit Lynch’s portfolio.

Add Dave McIntyre to the list of wine critics who thinks Wine Grapes, the just-released guide to a whopping 1,368 grape varieties, is worth its $175 price tag.

On Snooth, Richard Jennings recommends ten wines for holiday gifting.

At New York City’s Rouge Tomate, Erin Scala hangs out with Hardy Wallace.

On Tuesday, “a wealthy financier’s embattled proposal to construct a small winery in the hills north of Santa Rosa earned final approval.”

On the Today Show, Ray Isle of Food & Wine Magazine “shares wines that won’t break the bank and are perfect for every occasion.”

“Migratory birds are important players in the distribution and biodiversity of yeasts.” From the Academic Wino, a fascinating synopsis of a new study in Environmental Microbiology Reports.

Chicagoist covers the launch of Winestyr.

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