The Electric White Wines of Italy

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My latest column, which urges consumers to explore Italy’s exciting white wines, went out this morning.

The Electric White Wines of Italy

Legend has it that a renowned British wine taster was once presented with a flight of wines while wearing a blindfold. He nailed each wine, correctly identifying the grape and the region in which it was grown.

Toward the end of the challenge was a glass of water. Upon smelling and sampling it, the taster expressed bewilderment.

“I have no idea what this is,” he exclaimed, “but I can assure you it’s something I’ve never had before!”

Traditionally, this story has been used to spark a conversation about the futility of blind tasting. The wine world’s smart alecks, however, have taken to replying back with a joke: “Why didn’t he peg it as Pinot Grigio?”

Sadly, there’s some truth to this retort. All too often, Pinot Grigio is simply a substitute for water. Mass-market bottlings are refreshing and fruity — and deliver a buzz — but they’re never very compelling.

This reality has tarred the reputation of all Italian white wines. That’s a shame, because Italy produces the most exciting whites in the world. Even Pinot Grigio can be spectacular.

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