Daily Wine News: Winding Down

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In Napa Valley, harvest is winding down. Craig Camp of Cornerstone Cellars is “very, very happy and optimistic,” even if he isn’t comfortable calling it the “vintage of the century.”

Steve Heimoff is impressed by the crew at Nomacorc.

“Clearly this study showed that oak chips and toasting do have influence on the volatile composition of wine, though again, I am not convinced the exact levels and trends are completely accurate based on the methods employed.” The Academic Wino takes a look at a new study on the influence of oak chips on wine.

Voice of America’s Peter Cox looks at South Africa’s effort to cultivate its domestic wine market.

Lily Elaine Hawk Wakawaka profiles Delectable, a new app to help remember, share, discover, and buy wines.

Jeff Siegel writes “a brief history of wine.”

Joe Roberts attends “A 40 Year Dry Creek Vineyard Zinfandel Retrospective.”

“If foodies are “confusing [their] palates with [their] souls,” then we winos must be bringing on the apocalypse.” So writes Tom Natan in a thoughtful commentary on William Deresiewicz’s recent New York Times op-ed on food and art.

Jo Diaz names Lisa Mattson of Jordan the “2012 Diaz Communications Innovator of the Year.”

Esquire’s Rachel Richardson kept a diary at WhiskyFest.

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