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DrinkLocalWine will hold its fifth annual conference April 12-14, 2013 in Baltimore, Maryland. Who is coming with me?

“Like a margarita, sweeter styles of Riesling from the Mosel create a mouthwatering sort of pungency, so much so that many Rieslings at spätlese sugar levels — which generally hover around 65 to 70 grams per liter of residual sugar, though this can vary considerably — still register more tart than sweet.” In her latest WineSpectator.com column, Talia Baiocchi continues to explore balance — this time, with Riesling.

Dr. Vino applauds the Swartland Independent Producers for codifying their beliefs in winemaking practices.

Sherry is the hottest wine in New York.” Elin McCoy writes about the rising popularity of Sherry.

Domaine Lucien Albrecht has been purchased. Decanter.com reports that a bankruptcy judge in Alsace has approved the sale of the brand and five hectares its vineyards to local cooperative Wolfberger.

“What is remarkable is the speed with which India has gone from a country where a tiny handful of the very rich drank nothing but the most famous names in wine, to one in which thousands of young, well-travelled Indians are beginning to appreciate the nuances of a wide range of wines, both domestic and imported.” In the Financial Times, Jancis Robinson visits India.

In the Napa Valley Register, an update Napa County’s efforts to block the Mishewal Wappo tribe of Alexander Valley from regaining federal recognition. County fears that if the tribe is recognized, they’ll eventually build a casino in the county.

Jim Laube is impressed by Randall Grahm’s latest offerings. Still, he was persuasive in pitching his newest venture, and newest vintages, all under the Bonny Doon label. The wines are striking for their structure and individuality.

Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka visits Rochioli.

Ray Isle provides an easy answer to those who are stressing about which wine(s) to serve on Thanksgiving. Champagne!

A few weeks after blogging about Nomacorc, Steve Heimoff writes about progress in the natural cork industry.


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