Daily Wine News: Rudy’s Challenge

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 09-13-2012

Some terrible news out of the Central Valley. In Sanger, Robert Munoz, a worker at a winery operated by Gibson Wine Co., died after exposure to ammonia.

Wine Spectator “has learned that [Rudy] Kurniawan’s lawyers will contest the legality of FBI agents’ search of his home after his arrest in a Los Angeles suburb last March.”

Elsewhere in Wine Spectator, Ben O’Donnell analyzes the drinking patterns of millenials.

“Franzia would surely take me to task for my elitist view of Hacienda. But even within his lineup, it’s not a shining light.” From Jon Bonné, a “cautionary tale” about Delta’s wine offerings.

In Palate Press, Shannon Jones writes about the grand plans of Jean and Steve Case at Early Mountain Vineyards, just outside Charlottesville, Virginia.
Elsewhere in Palate Press, David Honig offers some “Observations and Opportunities” out of the recent wine bloggers’ conference.

In the Sacramento Bee, Mike Dunne writes highlights the Grenache he recently tasted at Holly’s Hill Vineyards in Pleasant Valley, California.

W. Blake Gray wants winemakers to stop talking about brix levels and instead highlight pH levels. It’s not a bad idea!

Josh Wade reflects on turning 40 in wine country.

Dr. Vino chimes in on Eric Asimov’s recent piece about California Trousseau.

In which Joe Roberts declares that wine blogging isn’t dead!

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