Daily Wine News: Alsatian Purity

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“Alsace has been doing something for decades that most other winemaking areas of the world just recently have caught onto: allow both the grapes and the soil on which they grow to express themselves in their wines in the purest way possible.” In the Chicago Tribune, Bill St. John praises the wines of Alsace.

At Wine Terroirs, Bertrand Celce meets with Dominique Derain, a producer in the Côte de Beaune. (H/T: Eric Asimov.)

In WineReviewOnline, Tina Caputo chats with Sean O’Keefe, owner and winemaker at the Michigan-based Chateau Grand Traverse, which is reportedly making some very tasty Riesling.

“If you look at a map, it’s hard to see why Idaho wouldn’t grow wine grapes about as well as eastern Washington.” In Palate Press, W. Blake Gray writes about the “increasingly interesting Idaho wine scene,” where one can find “good Syrah, Viognier, Cabernet, [and] Mourvedre.”

Dan Berger thinks that Cloud’s Rest’s $100 Pinot Noir is well worth it.

Jameson Fink recently solicited book recommendations from his readers. The list of 61 suggestions is fascinating.

In California, growers are celebrating “perfect ripening weather.” At Jordan Vineyard & Winery, pickers are set to harvest their first ever crop of estate Malbec!

In Jacksonville, a liquor distributor “was arrested Wednesday on 70 charges, most accusing him of hiding or moving booze with the intent to defraud the state of excise taxes.” Remember, though, the wholesaler lobby regularly reminds us that we need them to ensure the collection of taxes…

So much love for bloggers-turned-winemakers! On the blog for the soon-to-open Uva Buena Fine Wines, more praise for Hardy Wallace’s Dirty and Rowdy Family Wines. Meanwhile, Sonoma Girl lists William Allen’s Two Shepherds’ Grenache Blanc as one of six Sonoma County products she always has in her kitchen.

Isaac James Baker tells “A Tale of Two Chardonnays.”

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