Daily Wine News: Corporate Culture

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From Wikimedia.

From Wikimedia.

Thanks to LVMH’s purchase of Clos des Lambrays, “traditionalists are now beginning to fear the widespread infiltration of corporate culture” in Burgundy. In Punch, Zachary Sussman dives in.

In Grape Collective, Jameson Fink chats with Lenn Thompson of the New York Cork Report.

Laurent Ponsot doesn’t think 10 years in prison is enough for Rudy Kurniawan.

In Vice, Alison Ashe takes a close look at biodynamics, concluding that “It Takes a Lot of Cow Skulls to Make Good Wine.”

“There’s no reason why Lebanese wine cannot be the sexiest wine on the planet.” On CNN, Leone Lakhani and Eoghan Macguire investigate.

For Ron Washam, the HoseMaster of Wine, Sunday’s earthquake was a reminder “that we’re rather insignificant beings on this colossal planet.”

Aaron Ayscough drinks a new wine from Champagne vigneron Emmanuel Lassaigne, “Clos Sainte Sophie.”

Looking for some Champagne pairings beyond caviar? In Yahoo Food, Julia Bainbridge has put together a great list.

“You don’t see the C.D.C. saying that people under 21 years of age ‘drink too much’ if they consume a can of soda. But it should.” In the New York Times, Mark Bittman pens a Drinker’s Manifesto.

In the Hamptons, rosé is running dangerously low!

“From his many years as a Republican campaign meister, Mr. Dyke knew that to get attention he needed a stunt.” In the New York Times, Jennifer Steinhauer profiles Jim Dyke, the president of Mira Winery in Napa. Last year, Dyke dropped four cases of Cabernet Sauvignon into the Charleston Harbor to see how it would change the aging process.


Thanksgiving Open Thread

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey Day is notoriously confusing for the at-home sommelier. Every wine critic has a few recommendations. Perhaps the only common ground? That you should have a lot of wine on hand!

So what will you be having? Oregon Pinot? Central Coast Syrah? Bordeaux? Manischewitz? Let us know in the comments.