Daily Wine News: Spotlight on Italy

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Photo courtesy of Banca del Vino.

Photo courtesy of Banca del Vino.

In the Washington Post, Simran Sethi reports on Banca del Vino, a stored collection of Italian wines in Pollenzo, Italy that was conceived by Slow Food. “There is no profit in aging, Rinaudi explains, because the bottles are stored for free and most are used for education. But the stories of soil and grapes, the knowledge of history and identity, inspire a different — deeper — kind of savoring, the kind that honors people and place, time and care.”

Christine Clark highlights the young winemakers championing Barolo’s new wave in VinePair. “By focusing on terroir, highlighting the natural attributes of their fruit and manipulating the juice less in the winery, these next-generation winemakers are returning Barolo to its rightful glory.”

In the Wall Street Journal, Carol Ryan reports on the reasons why drinks companies like Jameson Whiskey-owner Pernod Ricard have struggled to succeed with wine brands. “The wine world relies on aging baby boomers, unlike liquor and craft beer brands that have done a better job of using social media to appeal to a new generation of consumers. Some brands have shown that a similar approach can work for wine…”

Elsewhere in the WSJ, Lettie Teague looks into online wine courses to see if they’re worth it.

Simon J Woolf responds to the New Yorker article about orange wine. “Patterson implies that he doesn’t want challenges or new experiences when it comes to beverages – which surely isn’t ideal for a critic. Does he really believe everything that wine has to offer can be understood in just a few sips? Some styles take more time to reveal their magic.”

According to the Sonoma County Winegrowers Association, 99 percent of its vineyards are certified sustainable.

In Wine-Searcher, Tom Jarvis offers a complete guide to phylloxera.

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