Daily Wine News: Nomadic Winemakers

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 07-03-2019

(Flickr: KBJPhoto)

(Flickr: KBJPhoto)

“What’s conventionally thought of as a “winery”—a stately building with a cellar and rolling vineyards—is a pricey prospect, and one that’s only gotten more expensive as real estate prices in places like Napa and the Willamette Valley have soared. In response, some winemakers without access to start-up capital are following a pathway similar to the beer world’s “nomadic brewers”: they hit the road and make wine at other people’s facilities.’” In Imbibe, Jennifer Fiedler explores the growing world of nomadic winemakers.

In Meininger’s, Sophie Kevany reports on the damage Europe’s heatwave had on vineyards in southern France.

More climate change news: Climate change has led more Châteauneuf-du-Pape producers to consider adding white wine to their red blends to improve the balance between acidity and alcohol, reports Panos Kakaviatos in Decanter.

Amber LeBeau ponders the ways in which wineries can utilize Instagram better.

The TTB has launched an AVA Reading Room, a website where you can find links to copies of publicly available AVA documents and rules.

David Morrison looks at the countries that drink wine but don’t import it.

In the Buyer, Richard Siddle explores the big themes that were discussed at the recent MUST Fermenting Ideas conference.

Tom Jarvis offers a complete guide to egg fermentation in Wine-Searcher.

In the Oregon Wine Press, Neal D. Hulkower delves into the meaning of minerality.

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