Daily Wine News: Changing Terroir

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 05-16-2019

wine_white_wine_glass-499579.jpg!dIn Mark Bittman’s new publication Heated, Jason Wilson considers how the definition of terroir must evolve as climate change progresses. “As we move deeper into this era of severe climate change, the notion of what is “standard” and what is “flawed” may also have to evolve… “Flawed” or “tainted” labels are often an attempt by vested interests — influencers, sommeliers or buyers, trade groups, corporate beverage conglomerates — to control taste. What is positioned as “standards” excludes flaws that may not be flaws at all.”

“Nobody actually says Make America Great Again during the 103 agonising minutes of Wine Country, but one suspects it’s mostly because the writers are not self-aware enough to have a character do so.” Peter Pharos reviews the new Wine Country film on Tim Atkin’s website.

In Wine Enthusiast, Roger Voss shares why he believes Chablis is the purest Chardonnay.

Tim McKirdy gets exciting about Spanish wine in VinePair. “Don’t be fooled into thinking Spain’s renaissance is confined to obscure, lesser-known regions, either.”

Wine & Spirits Magazine critics pick their favorite canned wines.

In Vinous, Neal Martin gets a taste of Burgundy dating back to the 19th century.

Chloe Sorvino takes a look at the sizable growth of the natural wine movement in America in Forbes.

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