Daily Wine News: Culprit Found?

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 10-12-2018

sddefault-250x250“The man responsible for the cancellation and rescheduling of the Master Sommelier tasting test has still not been officially named, but Wine-Searcher understands that the person in question is Regino “Reggie” Narito Jr., an erstwhile Master Sommelier based in San Diego,” alleges Wine-Searcher. “The only person removed from the Court’s website this week was Narito, who qualified for the title in 2005 and who was mentor to several students who were candidates in this year’s cancelled exam.”

In the Chicago Tribune, Joseph Hernandez reports on the 19 Master Sommelier candidates (of 23) who wrote a letter to the Court pushing back at the decision to revoke titles. “The letter from the 19 sommeliers specifically named a board member currently listed on the Court of Master Sommeliers website, saying the person “broke the Code of Ethics and Conduct set forth by the Court,” but stopped short of accusing the person of leaking information to candidates.”

From Reggie Narito’s blog: “Of the 24 passing candidates, 4 were students of mine.”

Eric Asimov and the tasting panel explore Muscadet in the New York Times. “Though Muscadet is typically thought to be made for drinking young, with little to recommend it beyond a bracing freshness, wines from these producers have shown that it has far more going for it: that it is delicious when young, but can also age and evolve.”

After the news that Copper Cane LLC rejected Oregon grapes due to smoke taint, Wines & Vines’ Peter Mitham looks at how the threat of smoke taint is likely to change grape contracts moving forward. ““People have pretty normal standards for things like how much of a load can be material other than grapes, and what are the target ranges are for pH and TA and brix, but we don’t have that kind of science yet and accepted standards for smoke taint.”

In Decanter, Jane Anson says it’s an exciting time for Sonoma Cabernet.

Elaine Chukan Brown reacts to the Master Sommelier cheating scandal on JancisRobinson.com

Joshua Greene shows some love to Willamette Valley chardonnays in Wine & Spirits Magazine.

In the Chicago Tribune, Joseph Hernandez profiles sommelier Derrick C. Westbrook, who was recently named to Wine Enthusiast’s Top 40 Under 40 Tastemakers of 2018 list.

In Wine Enthusiast, Stacy Brooks highlights the wine scene in Minneapolis.

Grape Collective talks with Wilfrid Franc de Ferriere of Bordeaux’s Château Carbonneau about the potential of Sainte-Foy terroir, his New Zealand roots and making good wine.

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