Daily Wine News: In Defense of Co-Ops

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(Flickr: theloushe)

(Flickr: theloushe)

“In the age of the grower-producer, with its myopic view that what’s smaller is better, what is the place of co-op wines? I know that some sommeliers and retailers avoid these wines, but what might they be missing out on? I decided to investigate the landscape by talking with buyers and co-op producers.” In SevenFifty Daily, Peter Weltman writes in defense of regional wine cooperatives.

“As a veteran writer about wine and vinous subjects, I understand that every wine I taste is fundamentally the same as every other wine, yet I also understand that every wine is different from every other wine in terms of its origins, its intentions and its making, its history and relationship to a place and a heritage,” says Fredric Koeppel in an exploration of why wine writing matters in Terroir Review. “Our purpose in writing about wine is to balance those aspects into a sense of completeness that satisfies us gustatorially, intellectually, and emotionally.”

In Wine Spectator, Bruce Sanderson remembers Giuseppe “Beppe” Rinaldi, who died on Sunday.

Will establishing the West Sonoma Coast AVA label persuade wine lovers to pay more? In Bloomberg, Elin McCoy explores the answer.

In the Wall Street Journal, Lettie Teague talks to a financier, attorney, and videogame designer about their decisions to leave behind their careers to pursue their passion in the wine business.

In the World of Fine Wine, Steve Slatcher argues that “any attempt to make objective statements about the quality of wine is fraught with problems” and also that “wine appreciation is essentially subjective.”

The Washington Post tastes 14 supermarket wines in an effort to find the best affordable wine.

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