Daily Wine News: “All-Female” Wine Lists

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(Flickr: :: Wendy ::)

(Flickr: :: Wendy ::)

In Wine-Searcher, James Lawrence on the rise of “all-female” wine lists. “Of course, whether such initiatives are a major step forward in terms of championing gender equality in the business is open to debate. It certainly raises a few interesting questions – should positive discrimination such as sidelining male winemakers on a wine list really be used as a marketing hook? Is this a reaction to accusations of sexism in the industry, or merely a cynical way of drawing punters?”

Wines & Vines reports on how Europe is starting to embrace hybrid wine grapes. “Maybe it is time to stop calling them hybrids and start calling them “the disease-resistant varieties,” which is what a catalog from Italy’s largest nursery, Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo (VCR), does.”

In Wine Enthusiast, Christina Pickard looks at how winemakers in Australia’s Coonawarra and Margaret River are devoting their lives to unlocking the magic of cabernet sauvignon.

In Forbes, Lauren Mowery admits that Chablis is her wine of choice for this summer’s “swampy hellscape.”

Wine Spectator’s Robert Camuto finds a “young, hip wine scene” in the Basilicata region in Southern Italy.

What’s next for Portuguese wine? Courtney Schiessl looks at the country’s up-and-coming wine regions in SevenFifty Daily.

In SOMM Journal, Elizabeth Smith pens a short profile of Laura Díaz Muñoz, the new winemaker at Ehlers Estate in Napa Valley.

In VinePair, Adam Teeter offers a guide to the Finger Lakes, “the most exciting wine region on the East Coast.”

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