Daily Wine News: The Women of Wine

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(Flickr: noviceromano)

(Flickr: noviceromano)

“Alexis Percival, one of the beverage directors and a partner at Ruffian Wine Bar, created this women-only wine tasting group in March, after years of frustration with the outright and subtle examples of sexism in her industry.” In the New York Times, Valeriya Safronova reports on a women-only wine tasting group that meets every other week in New York. “Women who choose wines for restaurants and direct beverage programs at bars have not been immune to the abuse… In the company of female peers, many of the women said, those concerns fall away.”

In Chicago Magazine, Whet Moser profiles the Tribune’s Ruth Ellen, who launched the nation’s first newspaper column on wine. “It debuted on February 16, 1962, the first major newspaper wine column…Her first column, granted, was “So You’d Like to Know Wines! It’s Really Simple; Let’s Start with Sherry.””

“I elicit a particular brand of contempt from men who are that serious about wine. Behind my back they talk about how I’m ruining wine by drinking straight from the bottle on Instagram. To my face they say things like “You don’t know how to taste. But if you take off your shirt, I’ll teach you.” And they never forget to tell me it’s “cute” that I wrote a 300-page book about wine, as if it didn’t require any hard work or skill. But I wouldn’t let that stop me from learning everything I could from this Marcucci character.” In Bon Appétit, Marissa A. Ross pens a personal essay about what she learned about how to make wine—and what she learned about herself—from Umbrian natural winemaker Danilo Marcucci.

In Wine Spectator, Simone Madden-Grey reports on the new Appellation Marlborough Wine certification, launched to protect the reputation of the region’s sauvignon blanc.

In Bloomberg, Daniela Guzman reports on how Chilean winemakers are focusing on expanding shipments to China after the country imposed an additional 15 percent tax on U.S. wines in April in retaliation for U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum.

In Punch, Jon Bonné looks at what makes Josh Perlman’s wine list at Giant in Chicago one of the country’s most exciting.

Emma Janzen talks to sommelier Miguel de Leon about chilled reds for summer in Imbibe.

Mike Veseth, the wine economist, ponders the future of the Italian wine industry.

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