Daily Wine News: Looking at Closures

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{Flickr: Ariane Middel)

{Flickr: Ariane Middel)

The former head of UNESCO has called on the wine industry to support proposals to create a new index that can measure climate change risk in World Heritage sites, from the slopes of Douro Valley to the vineyards of Burgundy. Sarah Ahmed reports the details in Decanter.

Head of the world’s largest cork producer, Antonio Amorim, aims to totally eradicate TCA across the billions of corks the company produces by 2020.

Becca Yeamans-Irwin looks at the findings of a small study on the effects of wine bottle closure type and perceived wine quality.

In the Washington Post, Dave McIntyre looks at how America’s insatiable love for pink wine created a booming market that helped lay the groundwork for fraud.

Layla Schlack advocates for drinking overchilled wine during summer in Wine Enthusiast. “There are two reasons this is so satisfying: The first is a little romantic, for the sheer sensation of drinking something cold on a hot day… But the second is practical. If you want to sit outside with your wine—and I do—it’s going to warm up…”

“Just shy of a decade ago the whispers started in the Australian media. There was some sort of revolution going on out in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia—a rethinking of wine norms and expectations, with van Klopper and Lucy Margaux being mentioned as some sort of ringleader.” In Sprudge Wine, Eileen P. Kenny pens a short profile of Australian natural winemaker Anton van Klopper, of Lucy Margaux Wines.

Grape Collective talks to Drew Baker of Old Westminster Winery in Maryland about the unique wines being made in Maryland.

In Forbes, Cathy Huyghe on how to make fine wine more inclusive.

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