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Flickr, Frank Fujimoto.

Flickr, Frank Fujimoto.

So you want to be a wine importer? Guild Somm’s Kelli White talks to the owners of five different companies about the perils and pleasures of building and running an import portfolio.

In the Oregon Wine Press, Michael Alberty reviews Jason Wilson’s book Godforsaken Grapes. “Fight the monoculture power, defy Robert Parker, and go find your epiphany wine. Wilson has given you the perfect map.”

Is it time to give up on points, ratings and medals? Or do they work for consumers? In Meininger’s, Robert Joseph offers his opinion.

Jamie Goode is also thinking about wine scores. “Should wine scores be absolute? That is, should a 95 point Bordeaux be the qualitative equivalent of a 95 point Douro red or a 95 point Chilean Cabernet? I think: yes. I can’t see a sensible alternative.”

Jancis Robinson reports from a visit with Gianfranco Soldera in southern Tuscany. “Soldera may take it to extremes but being fanatical about quality (and, like Soldera, preoccupied by the effects of climate change) is not so unusual in wine producers today. What is unusual is the breadth of his vision.”

In Grape Collective, Lisa Denning talks to Randall Grahm about his attempt to capture California’s terroir and the challenges of doing something original.

AFP reports on the popularity of graphic novels for adults about wine in France.

In Wines & Vines, Stacy Briscoe explores how Lodi grapes can avoid a commodity trap.

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