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Old vines. (Flickr: Austin Beeman)

Old vines. (Flickr: Austin Beeman)

In Terroir Review, Randall Grahm explores why the notion of terroir matters. “I have well understood the immense difficulty of somehow shepherding a vin de terroir into this world de novo. The degree of difficulty in achieving this end in no way makes it a less worthy aspiration, and for good or not, I have decided that in my remaining years on this planet, I will make the best effort to discover and participate in the manifestation of a wine of place here in California.”

In Wine Spectator, Matt Kramer on why old vines really matter. “Pretty much everywhere, really old vineyards are never the monocultures that characterize and define modern wine.”

“I’ve never used Tinder, but I do own a Coravin. And I have similar misgivings about both.” In VinePair, Jamie Goode admits the reasons why Coravin doesn’t appeal to him.

“But my issue with wine faults – and the way we’re spotting them – is that it is easy to say VA equals nail polish, or brett equals band-aid and then to go searching for them with each wine, as a winemaker would.” Oliver Styles offers his opinion on wine faults in Wine-Searcher. “To my mind, there is only one cardinal flaw: TCA.”

In Atlas Obscura, Eric J. Wallace on the French village making a “borderline mythical, quasi black-market wine” with outlawed American vines.

Grape Collective talks to Mladen Rozanic about natural winemaking and the story of wine in Istria, Croatia.

Robb Report looks at Duckhorn Wine Company’s new investment: Red Mountain in Washington’s Columbia Valley.

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