Daily Wine News: The Great Divide

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 05-16-2018

spilledwine“There is a sense that alongside economic success, globalisation has slowly forced the wine world toward a dull, crowd-pleasing conformity.” In the Guardian, Stephen Buranyi dissects the biggest split in the wine world: natural wine vs. the modern wine industry. “Natural wine can’t remain segregated in its own market for ever. There are natural winemakers who want to expand, and mainstream winemakers – struggling with what a 2016 industry report called the “long-term issue of youth recruitment” – eager to learn from natural wine’s popularity with young people who are as interested in craft beer and spirits as they are in wine.”

In the San Francisco Chronicle, Peter Fish on the natural philosophy behind winemaker Avi Deixler’s Absentee Winery in Point Reyes Station, CA. “Deixler’s on the frontier, making wine in a region not known for wine. His carignan is pure, intense and a little wild.”

“Wine producers, buyers and sellers, writers as well as wine drinkers all continue to describe Willamette Valley pinot noir as Burgundian, even as the soil differences are black and white.” In Wine & Spirits Magazine, Joshua Greene reports on how Burgundians working in Oregon are coming to terms with the Willamette Valley, where there’s vastly different ground than their home turf.

In Wines & Vines, Andrew Adams reports on the thoughts experts shared about future trends at Wine Market Council’s annual meeting in Napa.

“Naked Wines’ CEO Rowan Gormley has publicly apologized on Twitter for marketing material that told consumers not to trust wine critics,” reports Felicity Carter in Meininger’s.

On the blog for Tablas Creek, Jason Haas explores how “organic” and “biodynamic” are easily confused by consumers.

Grape Collective talks to Franko Kozlović about how his family winery succeeded amidst the chaos of Croatia’s political troubles and what makes Malvasia Istriana one of Croatia’s great wines.

In the Los Angeles Times, Patrick Comiskey suggests cool white wines from hot climates.

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