Daily Wine News: Randall Grahm’s Quest

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 05-15-2018

Randall Grahm.

Randall Grahm.

In the New Yorker, Adam Gopnik profiles Randall Grahm and reports on Popelouchum, his quest to create a truly American wine. “There are people who think that Grahm is crazy and people who think he’s a genius, and the people who think he’s a genius are also the ones most inclined to think he’ll fail.”

“A “disastrous” vintage has left Champagne producers faced with making wine from half-rotten grapes, while excessive herbicide use is putting the future of the famous region at risk.” In Wine-Searcher, Caroline Henry reports on the many challenges the Champagne region is facing.

In Bloomberg, Devon Pendleton shares how, four decades after her father bought Chateau Margaux, Corinne Mentzelopoulos has built the vineyard into a billion-dollar business.

In the Verge, Alan Goldfarb looks at how West Coast winemakers are adapting to a changing climate, and how commercials labs are working to understand and reduce smoke taint.

Everybody’s talking about storytelling as a way to sell wine. Robert Joseph suggests a more effective approach in Meininger’s

What will it take for Texas wines to be fully embraced by the broad market? Dale Robertson shares his opinon in the Houston Chronicle.

The Drinks Business chronicles the steady release of Bordeaux 2017, which picked up again Monday morning.

Tom Mullen on what makes the wines of the Canary Islands so unique in Forbes.

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