Daily Wine News: Mindfulness & Wine

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(Flickr: noviceromano)

(Flickr: noviceromano)

In Decanter, Andrew Jefford ponders mindfulness and wine, and points out the similarities between the two. “You can indeed be a mindful wine taster; wine tasting at its most subtle and rewarding is a ‘mindful’ activity par excellence.”

In Wine Enthusiast, Sean P. Sullivan profiles six pioneering family-run wineries of Washington that helped put the state’s wines on the map.

In Meininger’s, Felicity Carter looks at the Global Wine Database, a new system created to help track the vintage, sugar, alcohol levels and other technical data of every wine in it. “Eventually, the database will become a data treasure chest. It will be possible to see which regions are growing or shrinking, how wine styles are morphing and which producers are expanding.”

Tom Mullen reports on the list of participants at this year’s Heart’s Delight Wine Tasting and Auction in Forbes.

“According to a March study released by the Washington DC-based Wine Origins Alliance (WOA)…94 percent of American wine drinkers support laws that would protect consumers from misleading wine labels,” reports Liza B. Zimmerman in Wine-Searcher.

“I began thinking about wine and opera, and some obvious similarities started me worrying about the two subjects running on parallel courses. While things are generally looking up in the wine world, the status of opera, even New York City’s Metropolitan Opera, seems dire. Was I missing warning signals about wine?” Christy Canterbury explores the similarities between wine and opera on Tim Atkin’s site.

In the Daily Beast, Alex Rowell on the history of Islamic wine poetry.

In Beverage Media, Roger Morris offers tips for how to deal with the slow-mover bottles that aren’t selling well.

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