Daily Wine News: Prosecco Wars

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(Flickr: kmerck131)

(Flickr: kmerck131)

In the Financial Review, Max Allen reports on the Australian winemakers fighting Italy’s claim to prosecco’s naming rights. On his blog, Jamie Goode responds to the prosecco wars article, and explores possible solutions.

In Punch, Jon Bonné looks at how a number of today’s wine programs are bridging the gap between natural and not. “This is a split that makes a lot of difference—sometimes all the difference—among a small but growing set of consumers. And it manifests itself, increasingly, among wine shops and especially restaurants who either feel compelled to identify one way or another.”

In Meininger’s, Felicity Carter says Romania’s wine industry is at a tipping point. “There is evidence of poverty everywhere… But it’s striking that the quality producers — dentist, lawyers, advertising rep — are following the same path as the lawyers and doctors who founded Australia’s now mighty industry. There’s a long way to go — but Romania’s on its way.”

In Wine Enthusiast, Jim Gordon considers why unpopularity suits California’s viognier. “Ironically, Viognier’s retreat to obscurity may have saved it: It’s mainly just winemakers who really love Viognier who continue to produce it.”

Elin McCoy goes looking for affordable, top-tier French wines outside of Burgundy and Champagne in Bloomberg.

In Forbes, Liza Zimmerman reports on how self-driving cars could change the wine industry.

Jessie Birschbach explores the single-vineyard wines of Wente Family Estates in SOMM Journal.

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  1. A war over the naming of Prosecco? That’s a new one. Will definitely read that!