Daily Wine News: Glorious Whites

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 04-09-2018

White-wineJancis Robinson explores the glory of dry Riesling. “The main lesson I drew from both the Alsace and German tastings was that top-quality dry Riesling, wherever it comes from, is a truly thrilling drink, with – generalisation alert – more pace and variation than white burgundy.”

Emma Balter pens an ode to white Bordeaux in Wine Spectator. “I’ve been beating this drum for a long time now. Bordeaux’s reds are so well regarded that even the region itself sometimes forgets about its whites.”

In Decanter, Ellie Douglas summarizes a new report from the oenology unit at Bordeaux University on weather conditions in the Bordeaux 2017 growing season.

For the New York Times, Paul Sullivan goes inside Mana Wine Storage, and delves into the importance of storage in the world of high-end wine collecting.

In the Washington Post, Dave McIntyre explores the meaning of the “California Certified Sustainable” label, and why we should care about it. “As of last November, 127 wineries producing 74 percent of California’s wines are certified as sustainable under the program, as are 1,099 vineyards farming 134,000 acres, nearly a quarter of California’s vineyard land.”

The Wall Street Journal’s Lettie Teague joined serious collectors at a wine authentication seminar to learn the secrets of sniffing out fakes and outsmarting counterfeiters. (subscription req.)

Grape Collective talks to Whitecliff Vineyards owners Michael and Yancy Migliore about the potential of New York’s Hudson Valley as a wine region.

In Wine-Searcher, James Lawrence explores whether consumers have really lost their sweet tooth.

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