Daily Wine News: The Gems of Central Europe

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(Source: Wikimedia)

(Source: Wikimedia)

“While I love French wines, Italian wines, and Spanish wines— honestly, all the wines—today Central European countries are the ones driving wine, and its culture, forward.” Marissa A. Ross explores the exciting wines coming from Central Europe in Bon Appétit.

In Wine Enthusiast, Anne Krebiehl says Austrian red wines are worth discovering and exploring. “What all Austrian reds have in common is a mouthwatering, lip-smacking freshness. Their genetic makeup and the region’s climate give them wonderful bite and tension.”

Tom Hyland shares his impression of the 2014 Amarone wines in Wine-Searcher. “Unfortunately far too many examples were similar in style, offering heavy sensations of the appassimento technique that dominated their products, leaving one wishing for a more elegant approach to this iconic Venetian red.”

Wine & Spirits Magazine chats with Matt Tunstall at Stems & Skins in North Charleston, South Carolina about natural wines and rogue Rioja.

“It’s clear that it’s not just a gimmick,” says Matt Walls on Tim Atkin’s site, “some urban wineries are making very good wines that are not overpriced…”

VinePair profiles Marko and Ivanka Copic, the Croatian couple that owns Denver’s Purgatory Cellars, where they’re aging wines in amphora in a suburban strip mall.

And in The Kitchn, I suggest light reds like Grignolino, Schiava, and Cabernet Franc as the best wine to drink while eating on the couch—for spilling reasons, obviously.

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