Daily Wine News: Women in the Wine Industry

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 01-04-2018

restaurant-glass-wine-glasses-largeKaren MacNeil addresses issues regarding women and the wine industry. “We know there are women in all aspects of the industry from viticulture and winemaking to sales and marketing. But there aren’t many women at the top… In our own industry, women make up 62% of undergraduates in the Viticulture & Enology program at UC Davis, yet women represent just 10% of all the winemakers in California. And only 4% of those women own their own wineries, while 48% of men own theirs.”

In response, Julia Coney pens an open letter to Karen MacNeil and the wine industry. “After reading through the SOMM article and the blog post by Karen, where are the women who look like ME? I am curious out of the 50 women interviewed were there any African-American women interviewed?”

In Food & Wine, Ethan Fixell goes looking for hidden and affordable gems in Burgundy.

Is wine a living organism? Dwight Furrow argues it’s better viewed as an element in a living system in Three Quarks Daily.

A Danish man is in critical condition after a champagne bottle he held between his legs exploded in his crotch on New Year’s Eve, according to the Daily Caller.

Wines & Vines surveyed winemakers, winery owners and growers in California, the Pacific North West, Midwest and eastern states about the challenges of the 2017 harvest. Many reported finding labor continues to be a major challenge.

UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences’ professor Jay Lund looks ahead at the possibility of a California drought in 2018.

Robin Black reports on Lodi’s endangered old vines. “Lodi lost approximately ten percent of its old-vine plantings this year alone…”

Wine Enthusiast recommends a mixed case of low alcohol wines 12% and under.

Wine Spectator remembers the wine and food industry leaders who died in 2017.

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