Daily Wine News: London’s Wine Scene

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(Flick: Holland375)

(Flick: Holland375)

According to Jon Bonné in Punch, London has found a kinder, more global approach to wine and he’s convinced it’s time for the Parisian wine scene to evolve. “It hasn’t fully resolved the rift between natural-wine establishments and everyone else…But at least London is trying to bridge the gap in a way that, I think, foreshadows how wine cultures in many cities might move past Paris’ clubby habits.”

Huneeus Vintners is purchasing Benton-Lane Winery in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, reports Wine Business.

Brock University in Ontario has created the world’s first augmented reality lab, which will conduct experiments on wine perception, reports the Drinks Business.

In Saveur, Ilkka Sirén visits winemaker Georges Aladashvili at his Georgian winery, Ruisipiri Biodynamic Vineyard. “But despite that growing in interest the category, when you arrive at Aladashvili’s winery in Ruispiri, you can throw words like “fashionable” and “trendy” right out the window.”

In Decanter, Jane Anson looks at the central role played by women throughout the history of Bordeaux wine and identifies a few key figures.

Fritz Hahn looks at Washington D.C.’s booming wine bar scene in the Washington Post.

VinePair talks with sommelier Victoria James about the New York dining scene, designing a wine program for maximum fun, and more.

W. Blake Gray reviews Beaujolais wines entirely in emoji.

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