Daily Wine News: Adapting to Climate Change

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 01-11-2018

(Source: Pexels.com)

(Source: Pexels.com)

In the Harvard Gazette, Peter Reuell reports that vintners may have to plant lesser-known varieties in order to adapt to warmer temperatures. “But even if researchers came to the table armed with information about grape diversity, Wolkovich said the industry — both in the traditional wine centers of Europe and around the world — still faces hurdles when it comes to adapting.”

Wine Spectator’s Robert Camuto visits Marco Casolanetti in the Marche region of Italy to see how his wines with a cult following have developed over 20 vintages. “Oasi is best known for Kurni, a dark, rich and chewy Montepulciano red that has been compared to Amarone for its dense, high-alcohol style… As of its 20th anniversary, Kurni hasn’t changed, despite the movement throughout Italy to lighter, more delicate wines.”

The Chicago Tribune’s Michael Austin ponders why we don’t talk more about one of wine’s charms, its buzz. “It may have been what got some of us interested in wine in the first place — long before we came to appreciate the aesthetic beauty and subtle loveliness of this rarified creation, long before it brought people into our lives and lifted us at some of our most poignant milestone events.”

In Wines & Vines, Kate Lavin looks at how some wine barrels are getting a second life in aging beer.

In the Washington Post, Tom Sietsema checks out the transformation that has brought Cork Wine Bar and Cork Market under one roof.

Thomas Pellechia reports on research about the impact of medals on wine sales and prices in Forbes.

In Punch, Megan Krigbaum gets a look inside the wine cellar at New Orleans’ Bacchanal.

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