Daily Wine News: Is Natural Wine Over?

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 12-05-2017

(Flickr: Chris Pople)

(Flickr: Chris Pople)

“Sometimes it seems that being cool is what counts, and that natural winemakers are immune from criticism, even when they are making placeless wines while speaking a lot about the importance of terroir. You can’t have it both ways: Does the wine taste of the place or the process?” In VinePair, Jamie Goode wonders if natural wine is over. “Could it be that the natural wine movement has sort of done its job?”

“From a health point of view, alcohol levels belong on labels: no question. From the aesthetic perspective, though, I deeply regret the free availability of this information… Why? Because it unduly and often inaccurately influences tasting judgments.” In Decanter, Andrew Jefford suggests we’re getting it wrong with alcohol.

According to the National Association of Wine Retailers, “89% of wines available in the American marketplace are unavailable in Michigan.”

In Wine & Spirits Magazine, Deanna Gonnella reviews two new books on Champagne—Peter Liem’s Champagne and Tyson Stelzer’s The Champagne Guide—and considers their different views.

“Writing about wine is at a turning point. If the writing is well done, it can serve to lift us out of the constant sea of disruption,” says Alfonso Cevola, who shares a few wine stories that have recently given him hope.

In Vinous, Stephen Tanzer offers his thoughts on the Mâconnais 2016 and 2015 vintages.

Tom Wark looks at how cannabis is impacting alcohol sales in California.

In Forbes, Tom Mullen considers the challenges Barolo faces in a modern world.

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