Daily Wine News: Merlot’s Comeback

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 10-02-2017

Merlot. (Wikimedia)

Merlot. (Wikimedia)

The Sideways curse has lifted, says Elin McCoy, who looks at merlot’s comeback in Bloomberg. “Don’t thank hip sommeliers for this reputation rehab. Most are in love with every grape but merlot—for the wine-geek Instagram crowd, the more obscure the better. To me, the reason merlot was bound to return to favor was simple: It’s very often delicious.”

“Ventoux must be one of the southern French appellations that has changed the most in the last 20 years or so.” Jancis Robinson considers the growth of Ventoux, and how climate change has contributed to the region’s evolution.

“Sancerre is riper and richer than ever. New styles continue to appear in which tropical fruit and toasty notes dominate. It’s not just the whites that have changed…” Roger Voss looks at the evolution of Sancerre’s wines and ponders the region’s future in Wine Enthusiast.

In Wine-Searcher, Margaret Rand reports on the 2017 Bordeaux harvest. “Frost is the story of the 2017 vintage here. Not everybody is affected: as ever, the weather was capricious.”

On RobertParker.com, Lisa Perrotti-Brown discusses rising alcohol and CO2 levels in wine and makes a case for needing more dedicated research.

In the Los Angeles Times, Margo Pfeiff travels through the Finger Lakes region, “an old-world, unhurried and unpretentious oasis of nature, culture, cuisine and world-class wine.”

In Decanter, Amanda Barnes talks to seven sommeliers about what’s next for South American wine trends.

Dave McIntyre offers wine glass advice in the Washington Post.

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