Daily Wine News: Searching For Silvaner

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Bottle of German Silvaner. (Wikimedia)

Bottle of German Silvaner. (Wikimedia)

“The reason is that Franconia’s greatest and most terroir-friendly grape variety is unquestionably Silvaner, and Silvaner … just is.  Its being is pure wine, wine with almost all the adjectives stripped away.  Its perfection is gloriously inarticulate.” In Decanter, Andrew Jefford goes searching for silvaner in Germany.

Elsewhere in Decanter, Chris Mercer announces that 12 cava “grand cru” sites have been chosen by Spain’s government in a new top-level classification designated to promote single-vineyard wines.

In the Atlantic, Matthew Sedacca reports on how Bodegas Torres, a winery in Catalonia, is researching and rediscovering wine varieties long thought to be extinct. “It just so happens that many of these revived regional varieties thrive in hotter, drier climates. So Bodegas Torres is regrowing these ancestral vines to assuage the wine industry’s looming climate-change crisis.”

In Grape Collective, Stuart Pigott explores why hipsters hate Bordeaux, complete with rants about hipster somms. “The biggest mistake most of the hipster somms make is their assumption that fruity wine aromas are fake and obscure the non-fruity authentic taste of wine. For them it only becomes apparent when the fruity “mask” is removed. They fail to grasp that the ripe fruit aromas of wine are actually natural…”

“Domenico Clerico, pioneer of modern Barolo and later defender of tradition, dies at 67,” reports Jeremy Parzen.

Tim Atkin investigates how leafroll virus is affecting the South African wine industry.

In Wine & Spirits Magazine, Deanna Gonnella talks to chefs around the country about pairing sparkling wines with food.

Wines & Vines reports that a wet winter in California has lead to an increase in vineyard hiring.

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