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Napa vineyards. (Wikimedia)

Napa vineyards. (Wikimedia)

In the Napa Valley Register, Igor Sill explores the “mystical and divine” terroir of Napa’s mountain-grown wines. “These wines are much more expressive, pure and aromatic as a result of the higher elevation, cleaner air, volcanic soil, natural nutrient content in the soil. These vines are healthier, fresher and happier.”

In Wine-Searcher, James Lawrence profiles Jackson Family Wines’ Barbara Banke, and talks to her about the company’s future.

Wine Folly takes a moment to appreciate the history of some of the United States’ firsts in wine.

In weird wine news, the Drinks Business reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger has been made an ambassador for Bordeaux by Le Grand Conseil des Vins de Bordeaux.

Decanter reports that the residents of Moldova have voted to rename the capital’s airport, “Wines of Moldova Airport.”

Jeff Siegel, aka the wine curmudgeon, reviews Barefoot wines. “A word about the stickers most Barefoot wines carry boasting of medals. Ignore them. Most Barefoot wines are non-vintage, so when the sticker says the wine won a medal in 2012 (sweet red) and 2014 (sauvignon blanc), the wines with the sticker almost certainly weren’t the wines entered in the competition.”

Grape Collective talks with Deirdre Heekin of La Garagista about growing hybrid grapes in Vermont.

In the Washington Post, Dave McIntyre takes a look at federal labeling regulations and offers tips for how to tell where the grapes in your wine were grown.

David Williams on the art of a good wine label in the Guardian.

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