Daily Wine News: Pondering Greatness

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 06-22-2017

Flickr: Ren Kuo

Flickr: Ren Kuo

Today’s greatest wines aren’t necessarily the “great” wines, says Matt Kramer in Wine Spectator. “Thanks to a seriousness of purpose on the part of producers—meaning lower yields, nursing old vines, selecting superior clones and exacting winemaking—we are today seeing numerous great wines that are not conventionally recognized as “great.””

Meanwhile, over on 3 Quarks Daily, Dwight Furrow uses art as a lens to ponder the question: What makes a great wine great?

Jeremy Parzen reports that Slow Wine will publish its first-ever guide to the wines of California in early 2018.

In the Press Democrat, Chris Smith reports that Christopher Silva, president and CEO of Sonoma Valley’s St. Francis Winery, died Tuesday morning. He was 52.

Speaking to the Drinks Business, Italian winemaker and consultant Alberto Antonini says winemakers need to gain more confidence and feel comfortable making authentic wines instead of “Justin Bieber” commercially focused wines made to suit the market.

VinePair talks wine with Marissa A. Ross, author of the new book Wine. All The Time — The Casual Guide to Confident Drinking.

In Punch, Jon Bonné offers a guide to the best of summer’s first-wave rosés.

In Fortune, John Kell profiles Drew Barrymore and her position in the wine business.

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