Daily Wine News: A Love Letter to Pinot

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 06-16-2017

Ripe Pinot Noir (Flickr: docoverachiever)

Ripe Pinot Noir (Flickr: docoverachiever)

In Purple Pages, Richard Hemming reflects on his obsession with Pinot Noir. “When I open a bottle of wine, it is in ultimate pursuit of exactly what has been suppressed: a deep, raw, emotional reaction – something charged with passion and spontaneity and animal instinct. And no type of wine promises such ecstasy more than Pinot Noir.”

In Decanter, Jane Anson says the Bordeaux négociant system is in flux. “What will happen now isn’t clear. As châteaux change their business model to selling older stock that has been held back at the châteaux, they are taking on négociants’ roles as stock holders – which must surely mean they will be more closely exposed to consumers’ reactions to prices.”

In the Los Angeles Times, Patrick Comiskey explores why blending wine is one of the fastest growing trends in the wine industry. “For the big wine companies, with their vast vineyard holdings and surplus juice, the trend has been downright liberating. Tied neither to variety nor place, the wines can be made from anything, come from anywhere, and consumers no longer seem to care about what they don’t know.”

Newsweek reports that Israeli scientists have discovered an “invisible” ancient Hebrew transcription on a shard of pottery dating back to 600 BCE. It read: “If there is any wine, send it.”

Lettie Teague talks to various wine professionals about the wines they’ll be drinking this summer in the Wall Street Journal. (subscription req.)

The Guardian’s Fiona Beckett believes Tasmanian wine has more in common with Burgundy than with the Barossa.

In SOMM Journal, Roger Morris looks at the rise of Alentejo.

In Punch, Jon Bonné on Portugal’s under-appreciated white wines.

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