Daily Wine News: Wine & Gender

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 02-15-2017

womanmanwineJonathan Lipsmeyer looks at the history of wine and gender. “We’d probably do best to excise gender from our tasting notes, and just let the adjectives which drove us to that shorthand conclusion speak for themselves — just as authors from the first twenty centuries of wine writing did.”

Alice Feiring responds to Hugh Johnson’s recent piece on natural wine in Decanter: “I think it’s time for Mr. Johnson to take a break from garden writing for a minute to reconsider his words. Give us the courtesy of a more well-researched response instead of falling down the tweet drain –the second son of the blog–where unsupported feelings have become the norm.”

In Bloomberg, Elin McCoy highlights bottles of 2015 Burgundy under $100. “The reputation of this vintage is deserved, especially for the reds. Rich, ripe, hedonistic, succulent, and mouth filling, they have cashmere-like texture and that juicy acidity.”

In SOMM Journal, Allyson Gorsuch visits historic Tokaj and gets a glimpse into the future.

Premium wine in boxes is the fastest growing format for wine, reports Wines & Vines.

Aaron Menenberg talks to Jeff Morgan, co-owner and vintner of Covenant Wines, about why he makes wine in both California and Israel.

According to Decanter, “the annual Cape Wine Auction 2017 has raised a record-breaking 22.3 million South African rand (£1.3 million / $1.67 million).”

Laura Burgess finds value in wines from Oregon and Washington in VinePair.

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