Daily Wine News: On Aging & Pricing

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(Flickr: :: Wendy ::)

(Flickr: :: Wendy ::)

In Punch, Megan Krigbaum wonders why older wines are priced the way they are, and talks to sommeliers helming the nation’s top vintage lists and discovers that the process is far more complicated than a simple mark-up.

In the Washington Post, Dave McIntyre does his best to explain how and why a wine’s taste evolves with age. “As with many simple questions, there is no simple answer. Wine is alive.”

R.H. Drexel shares an intimate interview with Robert Parker Jr., in which they talk about 2016, music, books, the world of wine and more.

In Wine-Searcher, Rebecca Gibb explores research that has found oak barrels having a greater effect on the perception of sweetness in wine.

Mitch Frank talks Prohibition, wine, and the American dream in Wine Spectator.

In Decanter, James Button considers the possibilities of Koshu, Japan’s native grape variety, and lists a few Japanese wineries to watch.

“The 2013 Barolos generally possess striking aromatics, silky tannins that are the result of a long growing season, sculpted, vibrant fruit and mid-weight structures.” In Vinous, Antonio Galloni shares his thoughts on 2013 Barolo.

In Grape Collective, Lucia Albino Gilbert and John C. Gilbert cover the impressive women winemakers of Portugal’s new Douro.

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