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Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 03-30-2016

Will wine education become part of Italian public school curriculum? (Flickr: Mike Licht)

Will wine history become part of Italian public school curriculum? (Flickr: Mike Licht)

Jeremy Parzen of DoBianci reports that Italian senator Dario Stefàno has introduced a bill that would make “Wine History and Civilization” a mandatory subject in Italian public schools. “We need to bring wine back to being a beverage of the people. And beyond telling the story of wine as a significant element of our history, we need to convey the idea that wine is fundamental element of the peoples of the Mediterranean.”

In Vinous, Kelli White profiles Calistoga’s Frediani family. “With all these glamorous goings on, endless restaurant openings, and relentless launching of new high-end brands, it’s more important than ever to appreciate and pay respect to storied old-time California families like the Fredianis that are diminishing in number.”

Alder Yarrow visits Mayacamas Vineyards in Napa Valley and reports on the changes made since Charles Banks bought the winery three years ago.

According to Alex Swerdloff in Munchies, Australian doctors want everyone to stop drinking box wine, and hopes the country will tax box wine “so highly that no one will want to buy it anymore.”

On the blog for First Vine, Tom Natan talks with cookbook author Rose Levy Beranbaum about Champagne, and pairing wine with desserts and chocolate.

Sotheby’s announced today that it is selling over 20,000 bottles of wine from the cellar of William I. Koch in a three-day auction that begins May 19.

W. Blake Gray gets an introduction to British bubbly.

In Le Pan, Rebecca Gibb on “the ultimate Burgundy bootcamp”, Bouilland Symposia, which offers behind-the-scenes Burgundy immersion.

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