Daily Wine News: Muddy Pumas

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Thomas Duroux.

Thomas Duroux.

“While not uncomfortable in the requisite boardrooms and suits, [Thomas Duroux] would just as soon walk the vines in jeans, baseball cap, and muddy Pumas.” In the New York Times, Eric Asimov visits Chateau Palmer. (As regular readers may remember, we interviewed Duroux last May.)

According to Alder Yarrow, “Roland Velich makes the best Blaufränkisch on the planet.”

“Since the recall, sales are as strong as ever, Lambrecht said. Why? You only have to look at the cellar of just about any wine lover, who inevitably harbors dozens of bottles he or she is afraid to open.” In the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Gil Kulers chats with Greg Lambrecht, Coravin’s inventor.

“Eyrie Pinots are so consistently pure, and so devoid of shouting, that you have to lean in really close and let them whisper to you, on their own time.” Joe Roberts visits the Eyrie Vineyards.

“In the end, descriptions like “flinty overtones of dried cranberries in a dusty tobacco pouch” may be a good test of the wine writer’s vocabulary, but meaninglessly overwrought prose for the wine consumer.” Lewis Purdue thinks the tasting note is in big trouble. Steve Heimoff has some thoughts of his own.

The HoseMaster offers a “Guide to Wine Marketing.”

In wine marketing, use of the word “natural” has exploded.

Legend has it that Marie Antoinette’s left breast served as the model for the first Champagne coupe. Now, Kate Moss has her own glass.

In Russia, some members of parliament are pushing for the state to take over the production of wine. Because communism worked out so well.

In Palate Press, Michelle Locke visits Staglin Family Vineyard to learn about the family’s extraordinarily successful efforts to raise money for mental health.

“Boxed wine seems to be the antithesis of the refined experience we typically associate with wine… [But] things are starting to change.” In the Atlantic, Megan Kaminski finds some “modest pleasure” in boxed wine.

From Wine-Searcher, “10 Things Every Wine Lover Should Know About Marqués de Murrieta.

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  1. Gee another article about hey boxed wines can be good.. its like the rose article that it isn’t White Zin from years ago. Every single magazine or website does the same article over and over and over and over.