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A vineyard in Madiera (Wikimedia).

A vineyard in Madiera (Wikimedia).

“I hope to inspire curiosity, promote ease and comfort with wine and provoke discussion and debate.” In the New York Times, Eric Asimov contends that “a wine critic’s realm isn’t a democracy.”

“I always find it strange how fortified wines – Sherry, Port and Madeira – are so often portrayed as drinks for vicars and old ladies. The reality is these are drinks for hardcore hedonists.” On Tim Atkin’s website, Matt Walls wonders if Paulo Mendes can save Madeira’s wine industry.

In Decanter, John Stimpfig profiles Maureen Downey.

In Grape Collective, Jameson Fink chats with Luke Whittall of Wine Country BC.

After seven years of work, nightmarish construction problems and a budget that ballooned 170 percent to more than $130 million, Marchesi Antinori’s flagship property opened last year on a hillside in Chianti Classico.” In his latest letter from Europe, Robert Camuto pays a visit.

“I’m sure he would be amazed and astounded by what has happened in Washington.” In Great Northwest Wine, Andy Perdue looks at André Tchelistcheff’s impact on Washington’s wine industry.

Elsewhere in Washington, Sean Sullivan looks at “the changing face of the Walla Walla Valley.”

In Decanter, Andrew Jefford contends that in “many generously solar southern hemisphere growing locations, white Châteauneuf would be a much better model than Chablis or Corton-Charlemagne.”

“Because the data is clear: when wine consumption goes up, violent crime goes down.” W. Blake Gray explains in Palate Press.

“There is not another book on the current market like it.” On Vinography, Stella Fong reviews The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert.

Gallo Hearty Burgundy is Dan Berger’s wine of the week.

“There’s no question that winemakers who try to make more restrained wines… are balancing on a knife edge.” In the San Jose Mercury News, Laurie Daniel writes about IPOB.

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