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DONELAN“It’s a brave man who chooses a life in the wine business. Or the book business, for that matter. Carlo DeVito is clearly more courageous than many, as he has actually chosen to pursue both.” Lettie Teague profiles Carlo DeVito.

“Faced with this sort of physical trial, one wonders why they do it. When bananas, sugar cane, potatoes and corn all vie for the land, surely there must be easier ways for the island’s farmers to make a living?” Will Lyons visits Madeira.

“Both agree that their business breakup was a personality clash, not a dispute over Mahle’s famous conversion to a leaner style.” W. Blake Gray reports on what happened to Donelan Family Wines after the split with Pax Mahle.

In Wine-Searcher, Rebecca Gibb chats with Alfred Tesseron, who heads up Château Pontet-Canet.

“A Napa Valley warehouse worker was arrested Tuesday and charged with stealing 350 cases of wine worth more than $400,000.”

Tom Wark suggests “10 Way to Undermine the Three Tier System of Wine Distribution.”

The New York State Liquor Authority is threatening all the restaurants owned by the Batali and Bastianich Hospitality Group (including Babbo, Del Posto, and Eataly) with a $500,000 fine and the suspension of their licenses for six months. Tyler Colman has the details.

“It doesn’t hurt that most of Spain’s vineyard land is long since paid for.” When it comes to value, according to Bill Ward, “Spain bleeds red.”

In USA Today, Larry Olmsted offers a handy travel guide to Champagne.

In Wine Spectator, Mitch Frank reports back after a week in Germany. What can he say? “Riesling is a delicious and bewilderingly complex variety.”

Want to make a glass of red wine taste better? Add salt.

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