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Kirk Grace, projecting grape yields.

Kirk Grace at Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars.

“If anything useful came out of the wreckage, it was Mr. DeLissio’s opportunity to reimagine his wine program.” In the New York Times, Eric Asimov writes about Joseph DeLissio’s efforts to reshape the wine program at River Café after Hurricane Sandy.

M. pulcherrima may be just the first of many new yeast tools available to winemakers interested in preventing their products from straying uncomfortably close to the realm of plastic jugs and flaming desserts.” In Scientific American, Jennifer Frazer explores rising alcohol levels in wine.

“The vineyard itself is small, just about half an acre, and slopes at 11 degrees down toward the barn.” Fred Swan profiles Wise Acre Vineyard, a project of Lynn and Kirk Grace that I’ve heard incredible things about.

In Palate Press, Mary Cressler chats with Paul Durant and Erica Landon, founders of the Oregon Chardonnay Symposium, to find out “why it was so important for them to build an event revolving around a grape variety that represents less than 5% of total plantings in the state.”

As America’s wine culture mature s, France’s devolves. As S. Irene Virbila reports, “drinkers in France are snatching up bottles of rosé pamplemousse (grapefruit-flavored rosé) and rosé mandarin or black currant at an ever-growing rate.”

In Forbes, Cathy Huyghe explores the business model of urban wineries

“On his long, slow flight back to Australia, Schubert reflected on his even slower return from the destruction of the war a few years before.” Wine-Searcher offers an excerpt from “A Year in the Life of Grange,” a photo essay by Milton Wordley and Philip White.

Mike Veseth applauds the Wine Spectator “for giving its readers a nudge off the beaten path.”

Huge thanks to the Serious Eats team for introducing the world to “19 Winery Dogs and Cats.”

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