Daily Wine News: Dividing Pigs

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 02-20-2014

Flickr, Norman27.

Flickr, Norman27.

“If you have the money, the manpower and the technology, you can always produce something decent in Bordeaux, even in years like 2013.” Tim Atkin makes some predictions about Bordeaux’s 2013 vintage.

“Just as a pig doesn’t divide into hot dogs and stone doesn’t order itself into Chartres Cathedral, so the rifted valley sides of the Cote d’Or don’t immediately suggest a congested pattern of vineyards.” John Atkinson explores terroir.

“The Mosel is characterized by a grape and a terroir that allow for a wildly expansive range of tastes and styles.” If you’re a fan of Riesling, be sure to check out the latest newsletter from Vom Boden.

Lily Elaine Hawk Wakawaka tastes the Sta Rita Hills together with the region’s legendary winemakers.

If you organize the list of top wine consuming countries in the world by consumption per person, the results are surprising.

In Where Traveler, Rachel Ward asks six Napa somms what they’re drinking now.

James Cameron has purchased Beaufort Vineyard & Estate Winery in British Columbia.

Thea Dwelle reviews Planet of the Grapes, the new e-book series from Jason Wilson.

“In the 1980s, it was illegal to bring in French rootstock in to the United States. Unwilling to settle for mediocre vine stock, John Caldwell set about a cunning plan to plant what he considered best French rootstock.” In Grape Collective, Christopher Barnes writes about “John Caldwell, The Smuggler.”

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