Daily Wine News: Glumpy Paste

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wine list“A wonderful wine list can be created with only about a dozen total selections.” In Palate Press, Evan Dawson explains.

“My wish is that in 2014, wine lovers will take a chance and say goodbye, at least every once in a while, to their tried and true, and branch out.” In the Los Angeles Times, S. Irene Virbila urges wine enthusiasts to “drink like it’s a new year.”

In the Finger Lakes, some vintners are concerned that the polar vortex could have caused moisture in the trunks of the vines to freeze, “cracking open the vines themselves.”

Meanwhile, in California, vintners are worried that last year’s drought “could be catastrophic” for the 2014 harvest.

Alice Feiring details the “women importers we love and why.”

“Welcome to the new era of wine crime, where the questions a fine wine enthusiast needs to answer now range from red or white and Burgundy or Bordeaux all the way to real or fake, stolen or legit?” Mike Veseth explains.

“Super-premium wine producers may like to pretend they don’t indulge in marketing – some may even genuinely believe it. But at a fundamental level they are a business like any other.” Wine industry veteran Mike Paul explains why the trade should “stop selling and start marketing.”

“Wine has become so important that many current and former stars regard their glasses and their golf clubs with equal affection.” In Grape Collective, John Hopkins details how wine is taking “the golfing set by storm.”

In Germany, “Campaigners fighting the controversial Mosel bridge project… have seized on a leaked expert study that warns the project could be structurally unsafe.”

On Sunday, Sonoma County vintner Leo Trentadue passed away. He was 88.

“Leberknödel are disgusting.” But if you’re looking for Scott Harvey’s recipy for “big balls of glumpy liver paste,” W. Blake Gray has you covered.

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