Sick of Dumb Infographics? Me Too.

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I adore infographics. By turning complex data into easy-to-understand visual representations, they convey information quickly and clearly. Plus, infographics can easily be shared, tweeted, and posted on Facebook. It’s no surprise that infographics so often go viral.

Yet, as global wine brands and public relations firms push them out with increasing frequency, I’ve noticed a surge in the number of dumb infographics. They’re not dumb in that I don’t personally learn anything new; they’re dumb in that they’re rife with errors.

Check out the “Periodic Table of Wine.”

periodic table of wine

This one is completely nonsensical. At first glance, it’s a list of grapes. But then, you’ll notice that several regions are listed, as well. Like Beaujolais (just a few “grapes” away from Gamay); Chianti (right next to Sangiovese); and Rioja (far away from Tempranillo). The white “grapes” are just as bad (white Zinfandel is such a yummy grape). And when you’re stranded in the desert, don’t forget to bring some brandy. You might get thirsty.

This infographic was shared on Facebook by Rioja Wine. What were they thinking?

“How to Make Red Wine,” shared by Wines of South Africa, is even worse!

WOSA - How to Make Red Wine

Apparently, making wine requires the addition of yeast, nutrients, acid, oak chips, and Campden tablets. Only tannin additions are optional. Is this really the message Wines of South Africa wants to promote? Supremely stupid.

Have you spotted any dumb infographics? If so, share them!

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