Daily Wine News: Crime Scene

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The large oak casks at Soldera.

The large oak casks at Soldera.

“When I visited, he refused to open the doors to the winery and the scene of the crime, but instead offered a walk through his wife’s magnificent rose garden, his meticulous vineyards, his pond.” In the Daily Beast, Alice Feiring catches up with Gianfranco Soldera

“Spending $5,000 on a $7,000 bottle is not a bargain.” The Associated Press publishes an in-depth piece on the evolution of wine counterfeiting.

Jon Bonné contends that “Champagne makes for one of the most pleasurable wines to drink all evening long, and all through a meal.” He admits the advice isn’t new, but correctly points out that “it’s too easily forgotten.”

In Wine-Searcher, Tom Stevenson names five over-rated Champagne houses and five that are under-rated.

Jason Wilson has “rediscovered port as part of [his] regular cocktail bar.” Check the piece out — it includes some great recipes.

Tyler Colman explains “How Scratch and Sniff wine soared to the NYT bestseller list.”

AdWeek’s Tim Nudd praises Washington State Wine Commission’s effort to reach wine influencers nationwide with a marketing campaign that’s “equal parts elegant and pleasantly goofy.”

“There may be a what I’m starting to call a ‘convergence consumer’ who looks for increasing degrees of complexity, rarity and quality, and understands the importance of methods of production and provenance.” The North Bay Business Journal reports on some new research from the Wine Market Council.

Lettie Teague heads to Napa to detail some “lessons for the would-be vintner.”

In the Wall Street Journal Europe, Will Lyons travels to the Douro to tread some grapes, by foot.

Inspired by the recent piece in Punch about Madeira’s history in Charleston, Aaron Nix-Gomez investigates “the history of the hidden Madeira of the South Carolina Jockey Club.”

On the Wine Write, Randy Smith chats with Nikki Nelson about Liquid Farm. (As regular readers know, we chatted with Nikki last month.)

Epicurious lists the “10 Restaurants New Yorkers Won’t Tell You About.” Every wine geek’s favorite destination, Pearl & Ash, makes the list.

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