Daily Wine News: Treasury Bonds

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 11-14-2013

Treasury Bonds“Does it make you cry a little bit on the inside to see Burgundy land discussed as a functional equivalent of Treasury bonds?” Tyler Colman comments on fascinating video starring Alex Gambal.

“The AWCC strongly urge the members of this committee to support a comprehensive direct wine shipping bill that will give this state’s consumers access to wines sold by wineries, and perhaps to wines sold by retailers.” On behalf of the American Wine Consumer CoalitionTom Wark testifies in Massachusetts. While in Boston, he also dined with the “Best Dressed” crooks he’s ever seen.

“A sense of randomness prevails. The local color on a recent visit included a priest, several mothers with strollers and a man who sat down to play the piano used as a table inside.” In Punch, Aaron Ayscough profiles Paris’s “most chaotic… new drinking experience.”

In Food & Wine, Kristin Donnelly explains “Why Sparkling Rosé Pairs with Everything.”

“You can make safe, albeit clean and tasty wines and you will sell them as a result. But when you make wines that fire up a significant chunk of the wine drinking populace, that’s something different.” Doug Frost compares wine to Lou Reed.

“The presiding judge in the trial of Rudy Kurniawan has granted a request from the alleged fraudster’s defense team that two psychiatrists be permitted to visit him in prison.” In Wine-Searcher, Diana Goodman has the details.

Elsewhere in Wine-Searcher, Erica Landin interviews Napa winemaker Bo Barrett.

At the Digital Wine Communications Conference, Becca Yeamans learned about the impact of “active volcanic influences on grape growing and wines.”

Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka offers some advice on “What to Drink When the Holidays Stress You Out.”

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