Wine Dogs: Massican’s Sophie Petroski

Posted by | Posted in Wine Dogs | Posted on 10-31-2013

Winemakers love dogs. In wineries, vineyards, and tasting rooms across the world, adorable canines abound. Sophie, pictured below, belongs to Dan Petroski, the brilliant winemaker who crafts stunning whites at Massican and some of Napa Valley’s best reds at Larkmead.

Sophie Petroski (Massican)

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  1. Puppies! I’m digging this.

  2. She knows things, that Sophie. She’s taught Dan everything he knows about picking and winemaking.

  3. I have to admit that sometimes I like some wines better after I meet the dogs. the dogs give a wine a sense of place for me. One of the best winemaker doglovers I have met is Tony Smith at Covela in the Duoro. he had 3 stray dogs that obviously ruled the place. His wines were good too.