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Flickr, Diamonddavej.

Flickr, Diamonddavej.

“There is no legitimate case and no argument that can be successfully made that the [style of wine preferred by Kermit Lynch] is better or more authentic than what Mr. Lynch calls ‘Pop Wines’ and what others call ‘Parkerized’ wines.” Tom Wark comments on the recent New York Times Magazine profile of Kermit Lynch.

“Just take the pretentiousness out of the occasion. Like, maybe in a parking lot.” The Washington Post’s Dave McIntyre uses a visit to DC’s “most interesting new wine venue… to discuss millennials and wine.”

Since cats now have their own wineRay Isle figured he’d detail a few “options for the other members of the four-footed set.”

Mike Veseth offers some quick thoughts on Savour Australia 2013.

“I confess that I consider Harlan Estate the greatest winery in California, in no small part because the label looks like money.” Over at the HoseMaster of Wine, Jay McInerney pens a column.

WineSpectator’s Bruce Sanderson reports that “Domaine Faiveley has sealed an agreement to purchase Domaine Dupont-Tisserandot of Gevrey-Chambertin.”

“Tuesday Morning Quarterback continues to propose a reverse palate test. Anyone can swirl a wine around and pronounce it subtly complex. I want a tasting coordinator to place 10 wines before a panel and say, “One of these is vivacious and pure. Identify it.” Gregg Easterbook tackles wine in his latest ESPN column.

Elsewhere in sports, John Feinstein and Gary Williams discuss wine in the latest newsletter from Calvert-Woodley in Washington, DC.

First Vine’s Tom Natan digs into Michael Steinberger’s Au Revoir to All That.

One of Bernie Madoff’s aides charged with helping him pull off his Ponzi scheme used her “corporate credit card to spend nearly $10,000 in 32 months at a store called the Wine Library, near her New Jersey home.”

On Palate Press, W. Blake Gray lists “Ten Easy Tips to Make Delicious Cocktails.”

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