Daily Wine News: Sancerre’s Secession

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 10-18-2013

215px-Sauvignon_blanc_grapesTyler Colman brings attention to a fascinating story in Sancerre, where growers are thinking about “withdrawing from the AOC framework and using Sancerre as a trademark.” Be sure to check out Jim Budd’s reporting on this.

“For those who regularly buy wine to lay down, there are a few catchall rules worth committing to memory.” Will Lyons lists them in the Wall Street Journal Europe.

By day, Alder Yarrow runs “an interactive design agency that, among other things, designs iPhone applications.” And according to Yarrow, there is “only one wine app… [that's] worth using, and it is called Delectable.”

In Business Insider, meanwhile, Dylan Love profiles Delectable founder Alex Fishman.

In a thought-provoking piece, Tom Wark wonders if “the relative lack of respect wine critics get has something to do with the small amount of time it takes for a wine critic to review a wine, versus the amount of time that has to go into reviewing other creations.”

In Wine-Searcher, “10 Things Every Wine Lover Should Know About Taittinger.”

The Drinks Business reports: “Master sommelier Richard Betts has released a ‘scratch and sniff’ wine book that aims to make wine easier to understand for novices.”

“I cannot satisfy her alone, she is grander than one person. I need help. She needs help. Who will help us?” Alfonso Cevola reminds us to remember our rosé.

In a (relatively) serious post, the HoseMaster reviews the latest releases from Rocca Family Vineyards.

Over at the Wine Economist, guest blogger Rob Meltzer searches for “drinkable kosher wines.”

7-Eleven is getting fancy – the chain has started to sell “upscale” wines.

From the Journal Sentinel’s Heather Ronaldson, “15 beer and wine facts that may surprise you.”

“Stick a cork in it. Wine is done.” In the New York Daily News, Gina Pace contends that “complex craft ales are the cool new thing at both restaurants and bars.”

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