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“From a strict movie perspective, Somm is quite boring. The plot basically moves in a straight line, and monotonously so.” James Molesworth writes a scathing review of Somm. (As regular readers know, I enjoyed the movie.)

From Facebook.com/sommdocfilm.


“Not a fan of Robert Parker? It’s time to celebrate.” In Wine-Searcher, W. Blake Gray digs into a new survey which explores who high-frequency American wine drinkers take advice from.

In a separate piece on the same survey, Gray explores the spirits habits of wine drinkers.

“Laboratory testing of 92 French wines from across the country found pesticide traces in every bottle, including those made from organically-grown grapes.” In Bloomberg, Rudy Ruitenberg has the details on a shocking new study.

“Put down that sake.” According to CNN’s Pamela Boykoff, “nearly 100 vineyards at the base of Mount Fuji are beginning to produce tasty bottles of vino.”

“The result is a rich, savory, lusty wine that gives those of us who love it an almost visceral connection to the ground from which it sprang.” Bill Ward explains why Mourvedre is his “new favorite grape.”

Jane Skilton, MW, reports from the 60th anniversary celebration of the Institute of Masters of Wine.

TechCrunch profiles Jay Levy, “a conventional New York City tech VC… [who] is also an entrepreneur himself, using his knowledge of online technology, particularly social media, to develop a northern Californian direct sales wine company that focuses on the consumer experience.”

In the Washington Post, Dave McIntyre explains why “somms are so giddy over the Coravin.”

Becca Yeamans, the Academic Wine, looks at a new study which concludes that “a relatively large number of people are not aware of what is a standard serving of alcohol.”

Mike Veseth, the Wine Economist, shares his recent talk on “‘Australia on the Global Stage’ at Savour Australia 2013, the international gathering designed to re-launch Brand Australia to the world market.”

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