Daily Wine News: Needed Changes

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mayacamas“There are changes that needed to be made, and the wines will be better for it,” Mr. Travers said. “These are experienced people who know what they’re doing.” In the New York Times, Eric Asimov explores Charles Banks’ purchase of Mayacamas Vineyards.

In the Wall Street Journal, Lettie Teague contends that “the Finger Lakes has emerged as one of the most dynamic wine regions in America today.”

“Could wine judges be DNA-tested to assess their wine-tasting ability in the future?” In Wine-Searcher, Rebecca Gibb explains why “it’s not as unlikely as it sounds.”

“There are two compelling reasons to seek out Georgian wine. The first is its repertoire of indigenous grape varieties… The second is, precisely, those old ways – the chance to taste wines that have been fermented in the buried, wax-lined clay jars the Georgians call qvevri.” In the Financial Times, Andrew Jefford praises the “punk wines” of Georgia.

In the United States, wine consumption continues to rise. According to a new Gallup survey, “Americans who drink alcohol are about equally likely to say they drink beer (36%) or wine (35%) most often.”

“Not so long ago, there were more than a few folks in the wine biz who were making the claim that vintages in California no longer mattered.” In Connoisseurs’ Guide, Stephen Eliot contends that in California, “Vintage Matters More Now Than Ever.”

Steve Heimoff explains how he approaches “wine [that] he himself would never consider drinking, yet isn’t so awful as to be undrinkable.”

The Wine Folly presents “6 Underrated Wines From Top Regions.”

Fortunately, even when red wine is used for cooking, many of its health benefits stick around.

“I happened to re-taste the one based on 2008 last week and was reminded just how good it is, and it is far from expensive.” Jancis Robinson praises Chartogne-Taillet’s Cuvée Ste-Anne.

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe is pushing Congress to let the postal service to deliver beer, wine, and spirits.

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  1. I’m not sure if Stephen Eliot makes his point as well as he could. It doesn’t seem that he is proving why vintage matters more now, as much as he is proving why vintage matters at all. Unless he is only stating that it matters in terms of cost, which only adds to the idea he criticizes that wine from California is so industrial and soulless.