Daily Wine News: Congruence in the Dust

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 08-07-2013

forlorn hope 1“Why shouldn’t the modern wines age alongside these ancient pieces? There is a congruence in the dust.” In Palate Press, Evan Dawson writes a wonderful essay about a visit to Chateau de Saint Cosme in Gigondas.

“In classic Hollywood fashion, this is the tale of how a few underdogs rallied together to fight the massiveness and save California’s vinous soul.” In the latest issue of Noble Rot, Mark Andrew “looks at the the renaissance of California’s terroir driven wines.”

France’s vineyards continue to get crushed by the weather this year. In Bordeaux, a 10-minute hailstorm left around 100 producers “with virtually no crop to ripen.”

In his latest Wine Spectator column, Matt Kramer contends that “wine tasting really isn’t very difficult.” The real challenge, he explains, “is putting words to wine.”

In Wines & Vines, Andrew Adams profiles winemaker Sabrine Rodems, who recently organized the “Wines of Danger” tasting to feature wine brands owned and developed by winemakers.

In Forbes, Eric Arnold highlights “ten California producers that make excellent wines under someone else’s roof.”

In Wine Spectator, Ben O’Donnell reports on the new Gallup poll which finds that wine is “starting to take a toll on beer.”

Meanwhile, W. Blake Gray looks at sales data to demonstrate that “Americans may say we prefer wine, but we’re still buying 10 times as much beer.”

Elsewhere in Wine Spectator, Harvey Steiman discovers that Colorado wine isn’t an oxymoron. (Subscription required.)

At Forlorn Hope, the 2013 harvest has started! Julia van der Vink has the details.

In Wine-Searcher, Rebecca Gibb reports that the fine-wine auction market has remained “as still as a millpond over the warm summer months.”

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